The Coalition

Russ Vought

President of the Center for Renewing America

States have a big job ahead of them if they wish to regain and maintain trust in election systems and outcomes. The 3 main spokes of reforms highlighted and presented represent a substantial step in the right direction that would eliminate the potential for a wide variety of fraud and abuse within our elections. Election systems must not only stop fraud and abuse, but they must be recognized as doing so. Stopping the perception that fraud and abuse occurs or could occur is just as important as stopping actual fraud and abuse. The proposed reforms will substantially achieve that objective.

Mark Finchem

Candidate for AZ Secretary of State

I have been consistently & openly committed to paper ballots, hand counting, & the prohibition of electronic tabulation machines as a primary means of counting votes. I am happy to endorse actions to tighten election security and hold the line on election integrity.

Bennie Smith

Shelby County Election Commissioner

I’m a fierce paper advocate. It is an authenticatable result, because you have the voter’s intent. It’s hand-eye coordination, and that’s my selection process. As a sitting commissioner, obviously, I’m going to advocate for every accountable measure to make sure that every vote counts.

Gary Humble

Executive Director of Tennessee Stands

We can work to secure liberties based on a variety of constitutional issues only to find that our voices are stolen at the ballot box. Machines were never about security. They were always about control. I advocate for secure paper ballots not because I believe that every election is stolen, but because I believe that we should take every reasonable step to ensure that the likelihood of fraud is reduced to its lowest potential. Voters must have confidence in our elections. And it is incumbent on our state leadership to take the necessary steps to ensure the purity of the ballot box.

Kathy Harms

Leading Citizen Advocate

Elections are the bedrock of our Republic. Tennesseans deserve to know that elections are conducted under the original intent of our Constitution in a transparent and understandable manner that ensures that their vote is counted as cast.

Aundrea Gomez

Tennessee Director for Citizens for Renewing America

When a citizen no longer has confidence in the integrity of elections, the fabric of good government is in peril. The use of electronic voting systems, and the policies that accompany them, undermine the simplicity and transparency of casting a vote. I support the efforts of Tennesseeans that are focused on returning to the Constitutional protections that ensure the integrity of the vote.

Senator Janice Bowling

Tennessee State Senator

Garland Favorito

Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia

Frank Limpus

Tennessee Voters for Election Integrity

These voting computer machines have been proven again and again to be vulnerable and totally untrustworthy with our votes. We join with others to strongly advocate removing them and their thoroughly opaque vendors from our voting system and returning to a more simple, trustworthy, Constitutionally correct voting process. Which is exactly what this petition supports. I urge every Tennessean who is concerned with election integrity and returning citizen confidence in our elections to sign and forward it now. It will be one of the best things you can do to help save our Republic…. beginning with Tennessee.

Moms for Liberty